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We Eplast Build Techno Industries LLP is one of the best and leading manufacturer and suppliers of pvc doors, prefab house, kitchen cabinets, pvc furniture in Ahmedabad Gujarat India
we are manufacturer & supplier of U PVC Window, U PVC Window Systems casemenat & sliding door, Prefabricated Industrial Building in Ahmadabad
We are manufacturing of Prefab house in various size and design and multi Aplication like school room , school buildings, offices, bunk house, site office , penthouse in India
We are in the import and supply of premium quality sheet metals both metal steel and stainless steel. We present an amazing collection of product which includes an assortment of Bunkhouse, portable cabins, security cabin, farm house, sanitation cabin, site accommodation bunkhouse, modular home, pre engineering building.
we are manufacturer of casement window in Ahmadabad. Casement windows are hinged at the sides and can be build for inside or outside opening . we are supply of sliding window, three track window, two track window .combination fix in Gujarat.
we are manufacturer of Prefabricated Clean Room, Prefabricated Warehouse, Prefabricated Labour Room, Prefabricated Labour Colony, Prefabricated Pent House, Prefabricated Industrial Building, Prefabricated Canteen,
we are manufacturer of ms office in Ahmadabad. we are supply of ms office, M.S. Bunkhouse, Security Cabin, Security Porta Cabin, Portable Cabin, Portable House, Mobile House, Prefabricated Farmhouse, Prefabricated School Building, Prefabricated Industrial Shed, Prefabricated Clean Room in Gujarat
We are Leading manufacturer of prefabricated house and prefabricated metal building. Also offer BTS shelters, bunk house, CRM pulpits, clean room & cold chain solutions.
we are manufacturer porta cabin in Gujarat. Porta cabins are build with modular, tough Polyurethane Foam(PUF) insulated Panels .Portable cabin has some silent feature like water resistant , light weight , easy trans portability, easy maintenance and earthquake proof.